20 Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts and 15 tricks

20 Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts and 15 tricks: Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts Google Chrome is the most used Web Browser in the world. Google Chrome is very user-friendly software. In this post, some of the Google chrome features and tricks have been mentioned, the use of which will make the web browsing experience quite easy. These features are also available in your Chrome browser, but you are probably unaware of them.

20 Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts and 15 tricks

Google Chrome Tricks – Google Chrome Browser Tricks:

Tab reopen – If a tab is accidentally closed while surfing the net, press Ctrl – Shift-T. The closed window will open again. If you press this keyboard combination repeatedly, all the previously closed tabs will be opened.

Bookmark Bar – To activate the Bookmark bar in the Chrome browser, press Ctrl-Shift-B, the bookmarks bar will appear under the browser’s address bar. If you want to hide it, press the same buttons again, the bookmark bar will be hidden.

Bookmark Folder – Suppose you are searching related to a single topic and you have opened some tabs. Before closing the browser, if you want to bookmark these tabs and keep them in a separate folder, then press and hold the Ctrl-Shift-D button and save. To open the next time, you can open the option by clicking on the folder icon at the end of the address bar and selecting Open all bookmarks in the new window.

Page up & down– You would know that by pressing the space bar button on a webpage, the page starts coming down. Even then, know that the shift-space buttons have to be pressed to come back up.

Page zoom in & out– Press the + or – button on an open webpage in Google Chrome with the Ctrl button, this will make the page’s font and photos, media larger or smaller. This is a kind of zoom feature. By pressing Ctrl-0, the page will be in normal 100 percent zoom.

Link desktop shortcut – To create the desktop shortcut of any webpage, go to the address bar or say Omnibox, select the link and drag and drop it on the desktop. It will become an icon, you can open that webpage directly by clicking the zipper.

Reopen tabs – When you open the Chrome browser, you can open the last opened tabs and windows at once, so that you can continue your work. Go to Chrome’s Settings and select Continue where I left off under the On startup option. Next time you open the browser, the previously opened tabs will automatically open.

Calculator – your chrome also works as a calculator. Write any calculator like 566 + 45551 in the address bar of the browser, the answer will be 46117 just below.

Direct search – While working on Google Chrome, if you have to search something, then there is no need to open google again and again. You simply enter the word in the address bar and enter, Google search result will come directly.

Copy downloaded file on desktop – To copy a download file in the Chrome browser, click on the downloaded file from the open download bar at the bottom of the webpage and drag it to the desktop. A copy of that downloaded file will also be saved on your desktop.

Tab pin, duplicate & reload – right-click the tab title at the top of the browser. Here reload, pin tab, duplicate options will appear. Clicking reload will open the webpage again, clicking duplicate will open another copy tab of the same webpage. Clicking on the Pin tab will open the page automatically when you open the browser.

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Chrome task manager– By pressing Shift-Esc, Chrome opens its own task manager, on which you can see which tab, window, chrome extension or app the RAM is using. If your Chrome Slow opens, find out from here and remove the unnecessary extension or app.

Edit bookmarks – Select the edit option by right-clicking on the bookmark. Now you can name the bookmark as desired. If you do not write anything in place of the name, that bookmark will show only the icon of that website.

Open photo or video – If you want to open a video or photo, instead of opening an app or player, just drag and drop that photo or video on the new tab of Chrome. That photo will open and if there is a video, it will play.

Search word or phrase – If you want to search in a webpage related to a word or sentence, then there is no need to type it in Google again. Just click left and select that sentence or word and drop it on the new tab. Bus! Now your Google search result will come.

Chrome Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition, the Chrome browser keyboard shortcuts written below will make your small tasks easier. With their help, you can enjoy surfing the net without even touching the mouse.

Alt + Tab to select anyone in open Windows

Alt + Left Arrow Go to the previous page

Alt + Right Arrow to move to the next page

F11 webpage will open fullscreen

Ctrl + 1-8 To open any tab open from 1 to 8 numbers

Ctrl + A to select the entire page

Ctrl + D Open page will become the bookmark

Ctrl + F To search a word or sentence in a webpage

Ctrl + Shift + O bookmark manager will open, where you can view all bookmarks simultaneously.

Ctrl + L will select the text written in the address bar

Ctrl + N A new browser window will open

Ctrl + Shift + N A new browser window will open in incognito mode, which will not appear in the search history.

Ctrl + P to print webpage

Ctrl + S to save the webpage
Ctrl + T to open a new tab

Ctrl + Tab All open tabs will be selected alternately, release the button on any desired page

Ctrl + Left-click The link will open in a new tab in the background.

Ctrl + Shift Left-click link will open in a new tab and switch to it.

Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow Page will be turned upside down

Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow To straighten the page again

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