Keyword Competition Score Meaning in the Digital World

keyword competition score meaning in the digital world: keyword competition score meaning in the digital world: Keyword Research is very important in the digital world. This helps to increase traffic to your website. Especially your blog is brand new.

Every blogger wants to increase organic traffic (search engine traffic) on his blog, but most of them do not know how? If he is a new blogger.

When I started my blog too, I did not know about Keyword research and I used to write blog posts without doing keyword research. As a result, my blog did not receive much traffic.

Today in this article, I will tell you how to do Keyword research so that your blog can rank well in SERPs.

keyword competition score meaning in digital world
keyword competition score meaning in the digital world

Keyword competition

keyword competition score meaning in the digital world: This is a process in which we have to find out which keywords are people searching more? What is the search volume for that keyword? How much is the competition on that keyword?

Keyword research increases your chances of ranking on that keyword. If you do Keyword research before writing a post, then you can get a good position in Google search result and your blog will easily get a lot of traffic from search engines.

Type of Keyword

Head keywords – These are single words like WordPress, SEO, etc. These types of keywords are highly searched. Competition is also very high on these and they do not give even better results.
Body Keywords – These are made up of two words like WordPress guide, SEO tutorials, etc. Their monthly searches are also high and competition is medium.

Long Tail keywords – Such keywords include more than 2 or 3 words like Complete WordPress guide, etc. They are highly targeted and help in getting targeted traffic to your site. Their search volume is very low and there is not much competition on them.
If you beginner, I would recommend you to use Long Tail keywords. These keywords help your blog to grow quickly and rank better in SERPs.

If you use short-tail keywords for your blog or website you will not get better results. Such keywords are not targeted and also do not give better search results.

Very short search is done in the search engine with short tail keywords, because we know that search engines will not give us accurate results.

Even when you are doing some search in the search engine, then you must search by writing a complete question. Because you get accurate results.

Is Keyword Research Important?

The answer would be – yes If you want to bring more traffic to your blog and you want to achieve quick success in Blogging, then Keyword Research is your first step.

This is more important because there is a lot of competition on keywords in almost every online business keyword competition score meaning in the digital world.

What are the benefits of Keyword research keyword competition score meaning in the digital world: Keyword research has many benefits. This is very important to increase blog traffic and get a good rank in search engines.

Keyword research helps your blog to gain popularity quickly. If you write your article by doing keyword research, then you can connect target visitors to your site.
• It helps to increase your website ranking and traffic.
• Keyword research gives you the idea to write content for your blog.
• Keyword research shows you the competition and search volume on keywords.
• By doing keyword research, you can rank the important keywords of your blog.
• The more your posts are ranked in the search engine, your domain authority will increase. Also, the number of backlinks on your site will also increase.

Quick Tips on Keyword Research

1. Use the long tail keyword for your content.
2. Always select keywords with high search volume.
3. Also keep in mind CPC at the time of keyword research.

You can use Google Keyword Planner, Google AutoComplete, Google Search Related, SEMrush to search your keywords.

I want to tell you again if your blog or website is brand new, instead of using short tail keywords, use long-tail keywords. These will help your blog to grow quickly.

Also, you have to pay attention to CPC (cost-per-click) at the time of Keyword research. If you use keywords with very low CPC, then earning by your Adsense will not be good. So keep in mind CPC while doing keyword research. Always select keywords with high searches and good CPC for your content.

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