What is Cloudflare CDN Why is it beneficial for a website and blog

What is Cloudflare CDN Why is it beneficial for a website and blog

Cloudflare is a CDN (Content delivery network) company. It helps improve the security and performance of any website and blog with the help of its global network.

Cloudflare CDN’s work is to make the website and blog data available from the data center located near the visitor through the global CDN as per your visitor’s request.

For example, if a blog uses Cloudflare CDN, and the hosting server of that blog is in India. But if an American visitor wants to browse this blog, Cloudflare CDN will make that website’s data available to the visitor through its American data center, which will lead to fast loading of your website.

In this way, Cloudflare CDN provides website and blog data according to the status of visitors through its worldwide data center. Which improves the speed and performance of our website. For example, if a visitor is from Singapore, Cloudflare will use the data center of Singapore, if the visitor is from Sri Lanka, Cloudflare will use the data center of Sri Lanka.

Cloudflare CDN has around 152 data centers worldwide so far. The larger the network of any CDN worldwide, the better it will work for websites and blogs and provide security.

What is Cloudflare CDN Why is it beneficial for a website and blog

Who should use Cloudflare CDN?

What is Cloudflare CDN Why is it beneficial for a website and blog Any website and blog owner who wants to improve the security and performance of their website and blog can use Cloudflare CDN. Its basic service is free, for which there is no cost.

Cloudflare CDN can be activated for any type of websites like WordPress blog, any type of CMS system, personal website, any big company website, eCommerce site, etc. Cloudflare is already present in the cPanel of most hosting companies, from where you can activate Cloudflare for free. The Cloudflare site can also be activated by signing-up its CDN.

How to Install Cloudflare CDN?

Activating the Cloudflare CDN is very easy. First of all, you have to go to the Cloudflare site and open an account. After this, add the URL of your website or blog there. Now Cloudflare will give you a DNS address, which you will have to replace with your domain’s DNS. Cloudflare CDN Activate will be on your website in a while.

How beneficial is the use of Cloudflare CDN for our website?

Cloudflare is free and easy to use

The best thing about Cloudflare CDN is that this basic version is free for the user, there is no subscription to use it. In addition, it is also very easy to install its CDN on any website or blog.

Security Improvement of website

The use of Cloudflare CDN adds a double layer of security to any website and blog. Cloudflare greatly enhances the security of our website by stopping and filtering spam attacks, DoS and DDoS attacks, SQL injection, spam comments, etc.

Our IP address is hidden using Cloudflare. Hence it becomes very difficult for any hackers to attack the server.

The website improves the loading speed

The speed of any website and blog affect its ranking. Even Google uses this as a ranking factor. Cloudflare improves your website load time and helps the user stay on the site longer. Also, due to better speed and performance, these users can also come to the website for the second time.

Provides Free SSL Certificate: What is Cloudflare CDN Why is it beneficial for a website and blog

Google gives more importance to websites with SSL and gives better rank to sites with SSL. So if you use Cloudflare, there is no need to buy an SSL certificate. All you need to do is log in to Cloudflare in the Crypto section and select the option of SSL flexible. After this, your site will start showing https and secure. Here’s a guide – How to setup Cloudflare Flexible SSL in WordPress site

Minimizes load on the server: What is Cloudflare CDN Why is it beneficial for a website and blog

Once the content of any website or blog is cached, the speed of the site improves. It also reduces the load on the server and the bandwidth you have purchased. Which makes the website perform well.

If your server is located in India, but your visitors are also coming from America and Europe. So this will take more time to load your default server and it will take more load because your server is not located in that country. But Cloudflare CDN will serve content to that visitor through its nearest data center.

Prevents Site from being Crash

If there is a lot of traffic on our website, or if the traffic gets detonated, then in such a situation our default hosting server is not capable enough to handle the pressure of this traffic, and this is why our The site will crash. The website may be down.

So to avoid this, if we use Cloudflare CDN as a guard in front of our blog and website. So this will greatly reduce the chances of our website crashing and going down.

A cached version of the website creates

The static content of our website is permanent, which changes very little. Like, CSS, JavaScript, photos, etc. Therefore, having all these caches greatly improves the speed of any website.

You can cache the content of your website using the catching feature of Cloudflare. Which reduces the loading time of the page. With this, the bandwidth usage is reduced, and the CPU usage in the server also decreases. Here I have made a list – WordPress Site Ke Liye 6 Best Cache Plugins 2019

Optimizes website: What is Cloudflare CDN Why is it beneficial for a website and blog

Cloudflare has many tools to optimize the website. Using which the website can be optimized for both desktop and mobile. For example, Auto Minify for Speed, Rocket Loader. For catching, purge cache, catching level, etc. For firewall, security level, etc.

Thus, there are many features of Cloudflare, which help a lot in increasing the performance and security of our website. So, every website must have a Cloudflare CDN.

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